FAKE ALERT: Old, unrelated images passed off as recent farmer protests


Several images are being circulated on social media to claim that they show the recent protests held by farmers against the new agriculture bills passed by voice vote in Rajya Sabha.
These images are being posted on several social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Images 1 &2

These images are being used to attack the BJP government and shared with hashtags #AntiFarmerBJP and #BharatBandh.
Both the images are old and from 2018.
Running reverse-image search on both the images, we found a post from Countercurrents.org dated October 2, 2018 carrying both of them.
Titled ‘Police Brutally Stop Farmer’s March To Delhi; Many Injured’, the images showed police using tear gas and water cannons to disperse a farmers’ march led by Bhartiya Kisan Union on the outskirts of Delhi. Many farmers were injured as a result.
The protesting farmers were coming to the capital with several demands including farm loan-waiver, friendly crop insurance and support for small and marginal farmers and to implement recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission.
Image 3

This image shows some sikh men blocking railway tracks.
The image is from 2015.
Using reverse-image search, we found a Hindi news post from NaiDunia dated October 7, 2015 carrying the same photo.

The photo shows unhappy farmers in Punjab blocking railway-tracks due to pesticide procurement scam and non-compensation for the wasted crop.
Image 4

The image is being shared with a claim that farmers in Delhi are occupying highways.
The image was taken in 2018.
Using reverse-image search, we found a post from Sabrang dated December 1, 2018 carrying the same image.
Titled ‘Kisan Mukti March: Farmers Pledge to Oust ‘Kisan Virodhi’ Modi Government’, the image shows thousands of farmers and tribals from 26 states of India, congregating in Delhi and marching from Ramlila Maidan to Parliament Street to make their voices heard at the gates of India’s parliament.
Times Fact Check has found that several old, unrelated images are being passed off as recent ones showing farmer protests.

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