Mumbai: Devendra Fadnavis targets government over Covid management


The MVA government’s strategy to undermine the constitutional authority of the governor has surpassed all decorum, and its decision to allow the governor’s joint address on the first day of the budget session was a pleasant surprise, Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis said on Tuesday.

Speaking in the Assembly on the Governor’s address motion, he said, “Differences are understandable. Even in the past there were instances of government and governor conflict. But it had never gone to such extreme and personal levels.”

Targeting CM Uddhav Thackeray, he said, “Maze Kutumb, Maze Jawabdari (My Family, My Responsibility) slogan to fight Covid-19 sounded good, but it yielded no results.”

Fadnavis said the state failed to contain Covid-19 cases and registered itself as a leader in the pandemic. If the government had handled the pandemic properly, there would be 9.55 lakh less cases and 30,900 deaths avoided, he claimed.

On the Pooja Chavan death case, police have not filed an FIR, Fadnavis said. “Why has it not summoned Sanjay Rathod in the matter? His resignation as Shiv Sena minister is not enough. A criminal case should be registered and stern action taken.”

According to India Justice Report, the state police ranking has declined from fourth (2019) to 13 (2020), and there are serious law and order issues in the state, Fadnavis said.

The MVA government’s stubbornness not to extend the statutory development boards’ tenure will adversely affect Vidarbha and Marathwada regions, he added.

He said that during the earlier government’s tenure, the state was leading in FDI in the country. Today, Maharashtra does not feature in the 15 top states, he added.

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