Mumbai’s RTE seats down to 6,463


MUMBAI: For the upcoming academic year, seats reserved under the Right to Education Act of 2009 in city’s private schools are down to 6,463 from 7,202 last year. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) began accepting online applications for the seats on Wednesday.

All unaided, non-minority schools in the state must reserve 25% of its seats at the entry-level for students from economically and socially weaker sections. These admissions are conducted through a centralised online process by the BMC in Mumbai.

Out of the total seats in 352 schools in the city, 5981 are for class I students and only 482 are in pre-primary section. Officials from the BMC said the total seats had reduced this year as several schools changed their entry level. “The government reimburses for the education of students only from class I. For the same reason, a lot of schools have changed their entry level to class I. However, these schools had admitted kids in the junior kg two years ago who have been promoted to class I this year and hence they aren’t any vacancies,” said the official.

Applications will be accepted on the admissions portal up to March 21. Last year, over 14,000 students applied for seats under the quota, but it translated only into 3,500 admissions. “There is awareness among parents about the admission process but and hence we get a lot of applications, but everyone is selective about the school they wish to admit their child in. Some schools get applications more than seats and some get zero applications. The demand-supply mismatch results in a lot of students not getting a seat under the quota,” said the official.

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