niti aayog state ranking 2020: Govt schools pull Delhi to top of Niti Aayog national rankings


NEW DELHI: Delhi has retained its top rank in the list of Union Territories and city-states category according to the National Innovation Index unveiled by government think tank Niti Aayog, which has also lauded what it calls a “landmark transformation of the government school system.”

The index measures innovation through human capital, investment, knowledge workers, business environment, safety, and legal environment, knowledge output, and diffusion. Under human capital, the states performed the best on NAS scores (Class X), wherein the average score achieved by all states was 35.6. There was also a low variance in scores among the states.


The report stated, “The income level in a state also plays a major role as pupils belonging to middle and higher-income groups are more likely to be studying in private schools and having access to better learning options outside of school. States ensuring good quality of education in government-aided schools can also help raise the NAS score significantly.”

“Given Delhi’s high-income levels as well as the landmark transformation of the government school system, it reported the highest NAS score (44.7). Since the quality of education is also a function of the pupil-teacher ratio, it was the second best-performing indicator under human capital,” the second edition of the index mentioned.

The innovation score of UTs and city-states averaged at 26.01. Delhi, the best performer among all groups, topped the ranking in the group of UTs too, the report said.

“Having recorded the highest number of trademark and patent applications, along with the establishment of new startups and companies in the last financial year, the national capital has managed to deliver superior results in the domain of knowledge output. Delhi’s performance is attributable to its conducive business environment, especially in terms of internet penetration, which is the highest in the country. It has 202.7 internet subscribers per 100 population,” said the report, adding that Delhi scored the highest in almost all indicators.

Talking to TOI, deputy CM and education minister Manish Sisodia said, “It is a matter of pride for us that the Niti Aayog report reiterates that Delhi’s NAS score is at the top in the country and attributes this performance to the landmark transformation of the government school system. We will study the report in greater detail.”

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