Prefix ‘0’ for all landline-to-mobile calls from Jan 15: Ministry of Communications


KOLKATA: The communications ministry on Wednesday said all landline users across India will need to prefix ‘0’ for all outgoing calls to mobile numbers from January 15.

“All fixed-to-mobile calls will be dialed with prefix ‘0’ from January 15, 2021, and there will be no change in the dialing plan from fixed-to-fixed, mobile-to-fixed and mobile-to-mobile calls,: the ministry said in an official statement.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), in an circular dated November 20, had earlier set January 1 as the implementation date of the new dialing plan for landline-to-mobile calls, backing the sector regulator’s recommendations.

The communications ministry expects the change in the landline-to-mobile call dialing plan to free up sufficient numbering resources for mobile services amid the continued rise in India’s mobile user base and fall in wireline connections.

“Roughly 2,539 million numbering series is expected to be generated…more connections can be added in future, which will be beneficial to mobile customers at large,” it added.

The government has directed telcos to ensure suitable auto-announcements are fed into all fixed-line switches to remind landline users to pre-fix any calls to a mobile number with a ‘0,’ should they forget.

In May, Trai had recommended to the DoT that all calls from fixed-lines to mobiles numbers be pre-fixed with a ‘0’, saying such a move would generate a whopping 2,544 million additional numbering resources for mobile services.

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