taipa: IMC2020: TAIPA’s Dua calls for firms to multi-skill their employees, not focus only on hiring


T R Dua, director general at Tower & Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA), Wednesday said that companies in the telecom sector need to look at multi-skilling and just hiring new candidates will not help to keep pace with the changes in technology.

“Hiring is not the best way…as there will be a cost attached with it. Rather than re-skilling employees in a single skill. I think corporates now have to look at the multi-skilled employees in a cluster of technologies such as AI. ML, blockchain data science,” TR Dua said at the India Mobile Congress on Wednesday.

The sector is going through a huge change with the number of telcos reduced from 8-10 players to three within a few years and a massive push towards digital adoption. Industry experts have said that the pandemic has further accelerated services going digital, which requires a new set of skills..

Dua said that one needs to follow the tenets of 3Rs – rework, renew and restructure – to cope with challenges of new technologies. He cited reports which said that about 30% of the existing workforce will need rescaling and they will have to stay relevant. About 50 to 60% of the workforce would require re-skilling on a continual basis.

He added that educational institutes with a push towards science, technology, engineering and mathematics will play a key role. Another impetus will be more public private partnerships to meet the changing needs of the industry .

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